Our almost 100 employees, along with AECOM´s solid design and multidisciplinary experience in Italy, have helped shape the world around us, building a strong reputation based on our track record of providing technical excellence to our clients.
Our team in Italy is established as a leader in environmental services and as the preferred choice for local and international clients and investors when designing, procuring and delivering corporate space or real estate investments.

AECOM in Italy, as a recognised industry leader, delivers services for a broad range of clients including blue chips corporations, real estate developers, oil & gas, chemical, pharmaceutical, manufacturing and commercial companies. With a large team of dedicated multidisciplinary professionals, we strive to align our work to our clients’ strategic goals and business drivers.

Our Milan office is comprised of specialists who, through co-operation with AECOM’s global network of experts, are able to implement a comprehensive set of solutions that lead to the execution of complex projects.

We are a global integrated services provider with the scale and experience required to meet today’s most demanding engineering, construction and technical challenges. We combine our strengths in environmental consultancy and engineering design to support large-scale projects at every stage of their lifecycle.

Professional and Consultancy Services

AECOM’s strength is a unique multidisciplinary approach to projects. We can provide a full range of services throughout the life cycle of assets spanning from urban scale to infrastructure, workplaces, commercial, industrial buildings and environment. AECOM’s integrated approach addresses human, technical, environmental and economic scales to deliver world class solutions with strong tie with Italian regulations and market conditions.

Civil Infrastructure: Population growth, lack of natural resources and spaces trigger the increasing need for safe, reliable, sustainable and resilient infrastructures. Our multidisciplinary team of experts in the fields of transportation, mobility, water, planning and project financing combine their knowledge to provide our public and private clients the level of expertise required for their needs. We can offer our expertise globally and delivery it locally to Local Authorities, Administrations, private and public clients.

Master Planning and Buildings: We balance art and technology to create buildings as varied as skyscrapers, airports, stadiums. hotels, malls or residential buildings. Our designs integrate our clients’ need to shape their worlds with functional, inspiring solutions. Whether working on a multi-acre corporate landscape, a great commercial area or a year-round resort, our experts consider the site’s and the client’s needs as well as the technical and budget requirements, financial mechanisms, long-term community effects, implementation, maintenance, and management of the project.

Governments and Defense: As a top-tier government services contractor, AECOM provides engineering, environmental, and specialised technical services to major defence agencies across the globe. Our ability to adapt to the evolving needs of the federal marketplace means that AECOM services and expertise align with the spending priorities of our federal clients. We help the U.S. Department of Defense realign and modernise its installations in Italy under for its three major agencies (Army, Navy and Air Force).

Environmental Services:  Or comprehensive environmental team made of Engineers and Scientists can offer our Clients unparalleled project assessment, design and engineering solutions in all environment markets, both locally and internationally.
Our team has over 70 environmental specialists and is one of the top environmental consulting firms in Italy, working from our office in Milan. We successfully carry out over 100 environmental projects every year, locally and internationally, making our public and private clients achieve environmental excellence. The key sectors we serve include Industrial (Oil & Gas, Energy, Manufacturing, Chemical and Pharmaceutical), Real Estate and Infrastructure. Our integrated delivery model allows us to solve the most complex environmental challenges throughout the project life cycle: planning, permitting, design and engineering, development, operation, decommissioning, remediation, restoration and reuse. Our daily practice is fully compliant with the best quality standards (OHSAS 18001, ISO 9001, 14001), which enable us to offer sustainable and optimal solutions to our clients.

Construction:  When the need for a new facility or renovation of an existing asset arises, AECOM can assist corporations and investors with assessing the risks associated to any type of project: commercial, industrial, warehouse or other uses.
AECOM understands the logic and processes of CAPEX reporting underpinning the investment decision making. We have an extensive database of costs allowing us quickly generate alternatives against different risk profiles enabling us to guide the Client to choose the best way forward.
Procurement strategy establishes AECOM’s role and the nature of our engagement. We can support Clients with any contract model available in local and international markets: high surveillance, project monitoring, project management or construction management options.
At AECOM we have extensive knowledge of the scope of work and contract obligations associated with each solution. We adopt world class standards in project management and cutting-edge software platforms and reporting tools. AECOM couples international project management with statutory roles. We have experience integrating these standards efficiently avoiding overlaps and extra costs.
AECOM also provides a full package of statutory roles such as Direzione Lavori, Coordinamento della Sicurezza in design and execution phases, Responsabile dei Lavori using in house high calibre professionals or externally sourced staff. Our world standards in Health, Safety and Environmental guarantee safe projects and sites.